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Hidden Message Logos | Clever Logos with Hidden Meanings

Posted on Apr 13, 2012 in Blog | 3 comments

Our Favourite Hidden Message Logos served up for your enjoyment coupled with a side order of Clever and Creative Logo Designs.

The Branderbull team have pulled together a collection of Logo Designs. Some of them are really clever, some are truely great, some are quirky and some have a “hidden meanings or symbols” contained within them that you might have missed, even if those logos are familiar brand names logos that you have seen many times before.. read on .. and discover what’s been hidden.

These logotypes were cleverly envisioned by various talented logo designers. Enjoy!

Black Cat

Black Cat Hidden Message Logo

A seemingly simple logo but look again at it carefully and you will realise that the two letter “C”s are also cat’s eyes

Hersheys Kisses

Hersheys Kisses Hidden Hersheys Kiss Logo

In the Hersheys Kisses logo there is hidden Hershey’s chocolate kiss filling the space between the ‘K’ and the ‘I’.


Elephont Hidden trunk logo

Elefont is another assumed simple logo but its got a hidden design element. Look closer .. find the hidden trunk in the lowercase letter e.

Museum of London

Museum of London Logo Meaning

The Museum of London logo may just look like another modern logo design but it actually represents the geographic area of london as it as grew over time.

Portrait Photos

portrait photos logo hidden man

A simple camera Icon? look again There’s a man’s silhouette inside the camera.


Federal Express hidden arrow logo design

The FedEx logo, at first glance appears simple and straightforward. However, if you look at the white space between the “E” and “x” you can see a right-facing arrow. This “hidden” arrow was intended to be a subliminal message to convey speed and precision


goodwill G logo

The iconic smiling face of the Goodwill Logo is in fact the ‘G’ in Goodwill zoomed in an cropped slightly.

Yoga Australia

Yoga Australia Hidden Logo Element Design

Another Hidden design element Logo. If you look closely, you can see that the woman in the logo design is forming a pose that forms the Australian continent.


blade hidden knife logo

Well hidden in the negative space Take a closer look and you will find a hidden knife integrated in the letter A


amazon logo meaning

The yellow arrow on the amazon logo is more than just a decorative swoosh. The logo was designed to illustrate the message that it sells everything from A to Z (the arrow connects the two letters) and also represents the smile that customers would experience by shopping on the

Facebook places

Facebook places Logo Hidden 4square?

Facebook’s geolocational product offering. Which was launched in direct competition with the leader in that area Foursquare. Take another look at Facebook Places logo you will notice there is a “4 in a square” a coincidence or a dig at Foursquare? You decide!

Mister Cuts Barber Shop

Mister Cutts Barbers Shop Scissors

A clever creative Logo The scissors are transformed to look like a face with glasses and moustache

Night Golf

Night Golf Logo

Simple yet clever Logo. The lit crescent Moon is a golf ball. Not only does the round shape of the golf ball reflect that of the moon, the little indents look like moon craters! the logo is an awesome visual smile :-) we love it!

Tour De France

tour de france hidden cyclist logo

The Tour de France logo actually contains the hidden image of a cyclist which can be seen in the logo through the letters “O” “U” and ‘R’ combined with the orange circle representing the front wheel


bipolar logo

The Logo depicts ambiguous emotions.


Bee Logo created from a swarm of Bees

A swarm of bees forming a “B”.

Iron Duck Clothing

iron Duck Clothing Logo

Cleverly crafted Logo with the hanger shaped to resemble a duck

Child of the Kingg

child of the king

The logo is a good example of utilising negative space for hidden elements, a child’s image is integrated in the painted hand print.

Treacy Shoes

treacy shoes hidden shoe logo

The T and S letters here join to form the shape of a shoe in the negative space that the two letters create. Notice here that the choice of font was critical to create this form.

Eighty 20

Eighty Twenty 8020 Hidden meaning

The eighty20 logo is a bit of a geeky one to figure out the hidden meaning behind, the two lines of squares represent a binary sequence with the blue squares being 1′s and the grey squares being 0′s. Which makes 1010000 which represents eighty and 0010100 which represents 20. Clever!


NBC Hidden peacock Logo

NBC logo has a hidden peacock above the text which is looking to the right, this represents the companies motto to look forward and not back. The peacock has 6 different tail feathers, referring to the six divisions at the time that this logo was created.


toblerone hidden bear logo

Toblerone chocolate originates from Bern in Switzerland, which is known for it’s high mountains. Bern is also called “The City Of Bears”. Look and find the hidden bear silhouette in the mountain illustration.

Royal Theater

royal theater hidden crown logo

The stage curtains pull back to reveal a hidden crown within the logo.

Guild of Food Writers

guild of food writers Nib logo

Love the simplicity of incorporating a hidden spoon into the pen nib.


Pause Button Logo

This logo was created for Pause Fitness world, and the letter “u” has been designed to look like a pause symbol.


kingfish logo hidden fish in the crown

On closer examination you can see hidden fish contained within the crown

London Symphony Orchestra (LSO)

lso london symphony orchestra  conductor logo

This clever logo not only spells out ‘LSO’ in a single flowing line creating the three initials L.S.O in air but also looks like a conductor leading the orchestra with the ‘L’ and ‘O’ letters resembling his arms and conducting baton.

Handy Dog

Handy Dog Logo

The logo is comprised of Dog’s silhouette made with a hand.

Bronx Zoo

bronx zoo logo hidden buildings cityscape

Another ‘negative space’ logo gem is the Bronx Zoo logo, where New York’s iconic skyline of skyscraper buildings can be found hidden between the legs of the giraffes


impotence logo

The Letter i has got a problem standing to attention

Baskin Robins

Baskin Robins hidden 31 logo

Baskin Robbins offers 31 flavorous of ice-cream. The number 31 is hidden in the logo within the letters of B and R.

Lion Bird

Lion Bird Logo

Is it a Lion? is it a Bird? It’s Both If you stare straight at the bird’s feet for a second, a stunningly clear lion’s face emerges. Awesome Design!

Snooty Peacock

Snooty Peacock Jewellery Hidden Peacock Logo

Snooty Peacock jewellery store Logo. Everyone loves a Snooty Peacock, we have one that turns up about once a week and struts his stuff outside around the office building He’s big, bold, extremely noisy and very proud of himself. Notice the hidden peacock in the face of the Logo.


Human Logo

It’s clear to see the seed of inspiration in this clever design!


IBM (Eye Bee M)


Paul Rand (who designed the original iconic IBM logo way back in 1972) designed this ‘eye bee M’ logo in 1981. Wikipedia cites that it was Used in-house by IBM for a conference/event.


Catchme Logo

Falling man and hand caught together.


Codefish  logo symbols

The fish is formed of various computer code symbols

Circus of Magazines

circus of magazines tent  logo

The Circus Magazines logo pages fanning out to form a circus tent


Wine forest Hidden Bottles Logo

At first glance it just appears to be trees but If you look more carefully, you will see 3 hidden bottles of wine.

Shark Tours

Shark Tours Logo Hidden Fin

Great Use of the negative space the boats hull appears as a sharks fin

Killed productions

Killed productions logo

Simple But effective the letter “i” is lying as if it was killed

Happy Quote


The Quotation Mark resembles the side view of a happy face. :-)

Coffee Night

coffee Nght Logo

There’s a moon shape that has been created in the foam inside the coffee cup.


Sony Vaio Hidden Message Logo

At first all you see is the modern typography, but there is actually a hidden meaning behind Sony’s VAIO logo. The first two letters represent an analog signal the sinusoidal (sine) wave and the last two are the binary 1 and 0 of the digital world.


Shocked Logo

The expression on the socket says it all!

F1 (Formula 1 Logo)


We’ve all see the F1 logo countless times but had you noticed The Formula 1 logo has a hidden number 1 between the letter F and the speed lines?

Horror Films
horror films logo

Another Simple yet expressive logo that clearly conveys the brand

The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

pittsburgh zoo hidden gorilla and lion fish  logo

On either side of the tree, the faces of a gorilla and lion appear in the negative white space. There is also a pair of leaping fish hidden in the base of the tree

Bridges Pub & Eatery

bridges pub and eatery logo

The Bridge is made up of cutlery


tostitos hidden people logo

The two letter “T’s” in this logo form two hidden people, as they dip a tortilla chip into the bowl of salsa in the letter‘I’.

Royal Clothes

royal clothes logo

Two t-shirts merge to subtly form a crown out of the background.

Dolphin House

dolphin house logo Fin negative space Logo

Another great negative space logo. There’s a dolphin’s fin cut out of the square.

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